Corporate Relations

Discover New Ways to Create Value With Us

Corporate Innovation

We leverage our strengths in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship to help organizations disrupt their industries. University of USV works with you to design and develop the next innovation for your organization, bringing to bear our global capabilities, the deep and diverse knowledge of our academic experts, and the enormous potential of the entrepreneurs that make up our ecosystem.

Hiring Talent

University of USV shapes leaders who promote innovation and change at organizations, equipping them with an entrepreneurial mindset that creates jobs, wealth, and social welfare. We can help you identify and recruit the right talent for your needs. Recognized as one of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Learning and Development

When your people grow professionally so does your business. University of USV's Corporate Relations helps your people develop the skills you need for your teams. We has a proven track record helping companies improve top management skills and build high-performance teams.

Corporate Engagement

Working with companies across all industries is part of USV’s mission and its commitment to students, organizations, and society at large. When organizations and foundations work together, they create value that fosters growth, business excellence, economic development, and global society.